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Event Marketing For Craft Breweries

The rise of craft breweries must be one of the best trends of the modern age. Cities across the states have seen microbreweries popping up in all different shapes and sizes. Though this has led to a paradise of tasty drinks for beer lovers, it has also created a very competitive market. This concentration of competition means that a brewery must be creative with their craft beer marketing to get ahead.

To get that edge in craft beer marketing, consider hosting more events at the brewery. Everyone loves a good party after all, especially when paired with great beer. But the value of brewery events goes deep when considering the positive impact they can have on the brand. Here are three reasons why every brewery should use events as part of their marketing:


1. Events Build a Relationship with Consumers

Craft breweries require a community of supporters to survive. To build that community, they need to build relationships with people. The simplest way to build that relationship is through incredible events worth remembering. These events will tie an experience to the brand name. This experience will give participants something to think about when they see that name in the store. Their minds will naturally remember the great time they had at blank brewery. From there, it is a matter of instinct to reach for a favorite beer from that day.

Events also get more people to try out the beer selection that the brewery offers. By hosting events other than simple tastings and tours, a brewery can attract crowds beyond beer lovers. For example, hosting a concert will draw music lovers or followers of the band to the brewery. These people may only be casual drinkers of beer, but after watching the concert they will know the brand’s name.

Our friends at Creature Comforts know a thing or two about building a brand off of events. Creature Comforts has used events to build relationships with their consumers for years. Their event lineup is wide ranging and they’re heavily involved with the local community in Athens, GA. They include music series, holiday events, and partnerships with local farmers markets. These events have led to huge demand for their stellar beer lineup, and developed familiarity with the brand across Georgia. Creature Comforts is a prime example of how thinking of the customers needs will pay off in the long run. Check out Creature Comforts upcoming events

2. Events Create Associations With Other Brands

Events are complicated. They require coordination with many different groups and working together with lots of moving parts. Though this sounds like work, and it is, those different groups can be a huge asset to the brewery’s brand. Consumers tend to perceive associations between brands they see working together. This association can boost how the consumer perceives the brand of beer.

We’ve seen a shift in the craft beer industry with many breweries teaming up with local organizations to enhance their brand. Our friends over at SweetWater Breweing Co are a great example of this, and they have a creative approach. SweetWater likes to team up with local organizations to create incredible events. These events have significantly expanded their customer base and created memorable experiences. This strategy has led to great events like the (now past) ATLBeer Meetup in The Woodlands and Sacred Brews with {sacred} thread yoga.

Consider also hosting concerts with local bands and musical groups. By bringing these bands into the brewery and supporting them, the audience will tie their perceptions of the music to the beers they enjoy. If the band is a well received and respected group, then this will be a valuable association.These types of live events connect people and in turn associate your brand with authentic experiences that people can look forward to

We definitely need to mention beer festivals, which offer even more marketing value for craft brewers. Smaller breweries get excellent exposure opportunities at these events. The guests will take in lots of brands as they walk through these festivals. Most are very interested in finding new beers to try. At a respected festival, smaller breweries can present themselves on the same level as well-known names. If the brewery brings its a-game, they could even convince a guest or two that they taste better than the well-known brands.


3. Events are Great Social Media Opportunities

Events are a tested and proven way to create advocates for your brewery. When people have a great time, they want to tell their friends. Today, people tell their friends through social media. This presents a phenomenal exposure opportunity for the brewery. Every picture that a guest posts with your brewery tagged is a free advertisement going out to their hundreds of friends. This isn’t just any advertisement though, it is one that people will trust. Anyone can throw money at an ad campaign, but it’s hard to buy a recommendation from a friend.

An event also helps generate great content to post to the breweries own social media profiles. Pictures of smiling faces, information on future events, these are reasons for someone to follow. Having good and engaging content on social media is a crucial part of craft beer marketing. For more information check out this article on developing social media strategies for conferences.

Updated on June 15th, 2017